Handcrafted fishing lures by Weston Scott Epperson. Each is made as the only one of its kind- hand carved, hand painted, sealed and tested for durability and performance in the water.

Winterwind glide bait

Precise weighting and a slender body enable this large-profile, 5" lure to glide through the water. This lure can be fished with a stop-and-go retrieve, making the lure erratically glide from side to side. It can also be fished on a straight retrieve, giving it a subtle swimming action. Topped off with a hand tied, feather tail and two size 4 hooks. SOLD

Mini Superman 2P Swimbait

One of the smoothest 2-piece swimmers I’ve made. This lure is incredibly balanced, especially for its small size. The small, sturdy body makes this Swimbait a must have for any tackle box. SOLD

Santa Swimbait

For this lure, Christmas is year round. This Swimbait can be fished in fresh or saltwater and mimics a variety of injured baitfish. It has a super smooth swimming action and 2 hand-tied treble hooks. SOLD

Turkey Swimbait

This turkey-inspired lure is one of a kind. It has hand tied, wild turkey feather hooks and tail. Fish will be hungry for this thanksgiving meal very soon. SOLD

Sea monster Swimbait

A true big fish weapon, this 5.5” Swimbait is the first 4-piece WSE Lure. Each segment is precisely weighted, creating a balanced and smooth glide through the water. Very slow sinking and ready for action. SOLD

Bayou battler glide bait

This 4.5” glide bait is a showstopper. The swimming action is incredibly balanced, especially for a slender bodied glide bait. The hand carved lure has a color scale pattern, epoxy seal, and a hand trimmed tail fin. Swimming action is pure with any retrieve. SOLD

Kermit glide bait

It’s not that easy being green for this lure. Its scale pattern and smooth swimming action are sure to trigger strikes from many fish species. This lure is slow sinking, and features a jointed, hand-tied feather tail. SOLD

Chameleon glide bait

Depending on the angle and lighting, this lure shifts its color from a copper orange to shiny green. It has an incredibly smooth finish and glides effortlessly through the water. SOLD

big blue swimbait

Just over the 4.25" mark, this sturdy-bodied swimbait is one of a kind. It's swimming action is as smooth as any, and a double epoxy outer seal gives it an extra edge in the durability category. SOLD

Vertebrata spook

What started as a crappie (the fish) paint pattern quickly turned into a combination of aquatic species. As this lure walks from side to side on top of the water, it mimics baitfish, bream, frogs, and more. A great lure for early mornings or late evenings in the pond or on the bay. SOLD

navajo red swimbait

This 4.25" swimbait is made of pine, a more buoyant wood. It has a carved-in scale pattern and shows flashes of silver with a beautifully eratic swimming action. SOLD

Hydro 1 Swimbait

Not many can beat its swimming action or color pattern. Made with flat sided joints, which maximize the range of movement between segments.This low-profile swimbait will catch many eyes and many fish. SOLD

Twitchster twitchbait

Measuring 3.5” and sporting a classic silver scale pattern with 2 silver treble hooks, this lure is solid. It will excel in all water types and target multiple fish species, though more commonly fished in the bay. SOLD

Green splash Swimbait

This beautiful jointed Swimbait floats and swims just below the surface of the water, depending on retrieve speed. Sporting a green base coat with shades of lighter green and orange spray, this double-epoxy sealed lure will put on a performance in the water. SOLD

Silver fire Swimbait

A precisely weighted and tuned swimmer with a crazy, but extremely effective paint job. There’s no doubt- this lure is one that needs to be in the tackle box on any fishing trip. SOLD

trout r1 twitchbait

Resembling a rainbow trout, this fast-sinking twitchbait will excel in both fresh and saltwater. It has a 4" body and a beautiful finish. SOLD

Lil rider Swimbait

Even with a small, 3” body this Swimbait will do some major damage. A smaller Swimbait can be a highly effective fish catching tool in many situations, and they’ll catch the big ones as well. SOLD

Assassin 2p Swimbait

This 2-piece Swimbait is a difference maker in the water. With a spin blade tail and a deadly swimming action- the fish are going to be in trouble. SOLD

silver streak sb

Just under the 2.75" mark and slow sinking, this little solid-bodied vibrating jig will make a big splash. SOLD

thx gerner twitchbait

This 4" twitchbait is slow sinking with a combination of natural colors and two size 4 Gamakatsu treble hooks. A slender body allows more eratic, and eye catching, movement through the water. SOLD

Monster inc. glide bait

With a smooth and strong finish, this yellow pine glide bait swims with a balanced gliding action. A definite big fish lure, whether it’s in the pond or in the bay. SOLD

red belly blockhead glitchbait

This floating lure is a combination of lure types, allowing it to be fished in many ways. It can be used as a topwater spook, walking on the surface of the water. This lure will also glide in with stop and go retrieves, made possible by its 2-piece design and weighting. SOLD

lobster in the sky spook

This topwater spook is just under the 5" mark and has a spin tail blade attached to its back hook. Woolens spooks like this have a unique gliding action through the water. SOLD

Silver fleck Swimbait

Simple but sure, this Swimbait is smooth through the water and sports a silver scale pattern with small, details splashes of color. SOLD

Hydro 5

Another hydro-dipped chatterbait that runs as smooth as its finish. A tight wobble with a mirror flash blade and two silver treble hooks. SOLD

Trout glide bait

A beautiful, balanced glide bait resembling a rainbow trout. This lure can be used for bass, redfish, trout, pike, and many more fish species. SOLD

Honey bee glide bait

This 5” glide bait is an ideal lure for targeting larger fish. Slow sinking with a smooth rolling action. Best fished with a slow and steady retrieve while incorporating occasional stops. SOLD

red st spook

At 5.5", this topwater lure is one of a kind. It's hard to go back to plastic after fishing with one of these wooden, glide-like walking spooks. SOLD

Jungle gold glide bait

This glide bait is a product of countless tests and designs. Finely tuned to elegantly swim with different retrieval speeds. Slow sinking and with hand tied hooks- this thing is ready to rock and roll. SOLD

hydro 2 sb

3.25" and solid bodied, this vibrating lure has a super tight wobble giving it an edge in catching finicky, pressured bass. It will also excel in the pre-spawn and cold weather. SOLD

Trout r2 twitchbait

This twitchbait is just under 4.5” and sports the rainbow trout design. A larger profile lure that can be used in a multitude of situations. SOLD

green machine glitchbait

This lure has characteristics of both a glide bait and a twitchbait, making it fishable in a variety of circumstances. It will mimic injured or slow moving, vulnerable baitfish close to the water's surface. 4.25" body and a natural paint scheme. Best fished with stop and go/twitch retrieve. SOLD

blue parrot swimbait

This color scheme excels in stained water or in low-light conditions. 3.75" and ready to roll. SOLD

black stud 2p swimbait

Simply a unique 2-piece swimbait. Remarkable swimming action similar to a floating lipless crankbait. Will trigger reaction strikes and catch pressured bass. SOLD

Green smoke twitchbait

This versatile twitchbait will catch a variety of fish species. From shallow flats to pond banks, the darting action of this twitchbait will trigger strikes. SOLD

black shine swimbait

The elongated body of this stained water lure is precisely weighted, contributing to its snake-like, consistent swimming action. SOLD

bass sb2

A solid-bodied vibrating jig that will outlast any common soft plastic trailer. This lure runs as smooth as any and is best fished with a slow and steady retrieve. SOLD

Baby bass swimbait

Sturdy bass colored body just over the 4" mark that catches the eye of both the fish and the fisherman. SOLD

Big silver swimbait

5.75" and designed to target larger bass or fish. Floats and swims at or just below surface. Best fished with a slow and steady retrieve. Swimming action can be tweaked with hook size. SOLD

red tail shiner twitchbait

3.75" and sporting extra large eyes, this silver-scaled twitchbait will catch fish almost anywhere. SOLD

hijack twitchbait

This lure stays just below the surface and erratically darts through the water when twitched. 3.5" and effective in both freshwater and saltwater. SOLD

Metallica swimbait

This lure has a slender body which gives it that snake-like swimming action. The blade tail pulls just enough water to make this lure swim like a champ. SOLD

killa swimbait

This lure swims with a balanced, consistent sweeping action . With a 4.25" flat body, precise weighting, and unique body shape- this lure is going to tear up some water. SOLD

gs top spook

This large, sturdy spook is precisely weighted, giving it that classic walking action. Just under the 5.5" mark and with a larger body shape, this lure will trigger those topwater strikes we all love. SOLD

hulk (hydro 3) Sb

Named so for its color and durability rather than its 2.25" length, this lure is straight up going to slay some fish. Precise weighting and body shape allow it to swim and stay deeper in water column. SOLD

Mickey 2p

Slow sinking, this rodent imitator will trigger strikes almost anywhere. Can be pulled across surface as a topwater lure or fished like a twitchbait. Tail is replaceable with any soft plastic worm or trailer. SOLD

hydro 1 sb

This cedar, solid bodied vibrating jig swims as good as it looks. These lures are great alternatives to reaction strike baits, and last longer than normal soft plastic trailers. SOLD

Baby blacktop swimbait

2.5" slow sinking, cedar body with extra large eyes and a realistic, ultra-balanced swimming action. SOLD

BT spook

This short-bodied spook has all the advantages of wooden topwater with a thicker, more sturdy shape and an excellent walking action. SOLD

gold thrasher swimbait

This large profile swimbait has a swift side-to-side action. Just over the 5.5" mark, it is best fished with a faster retrieve. SOLD

zebra top swimbait

5.5” body with a unique zebra pattern. Flatter sides allow this lure to swim smoothly at different retrieval speeds. SOLD

goldieso swimbait

This low profile lure swims effortlessly through the water. Smaller, lighter hardware enable this swimbait to swim like no other lure. SOLD

Shiner swimbait

Just over the 3" mark, this lure is versatile in its ability to mimic a variety of baitfish. SOLD

Split Sb

Has the eratic swimming action of a vibrating jig, but 2 trebles that increase hook ups and a solid body that is far more durable than a normal soft plastic trailer. SOLD

blue man twitchbait

This hydro dipped twitchbait has a subtle, but deadly action. Ideal for pressured fish, this 3.25" lure is one to change up retrieves with and dial in to what the fish want. SOLD

Bass SB

Baby bass solid-bodied chatterbait with an eratic action that will trigger reaction strikes and give fish something they haven't quite seen before. SOLD

tiger blue swimbait

A 2.75" body and an extra epoxy coat layer make this lure a fish catching fool. SOLD

Sea fleck twitchbait


Sky thumper


flake sb


Night silver glide bait


gold gold spook


blue scale swimbait


bass attack thumper


Smoke shiner twitchbait


Fall floater swimbait


seasalt swimbait


Ready red Swimbait


Blue belly twitchbait


Spooky spook


Sorange glide bait


Bayou spook


Bass thumper


GC top twitchbait


Blue spark Swimbait


Biggun spook


Big hydro blue Swimbait


Striped shad twitchbait


Hydro shift glide bait


Natural hydro Swimbait


Southern gold Swimbait


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